Tuesday, January 10, 2012

7 Skincare Sins

I took this from StyleUnited.com. This is very informative!!!!

1. Drinking the wrong fluids-about 60-70% of your body is water, but if you aren't drinking enough pure water or if you're substituting the wrong drinks to quench  your body's thirst, the effects can be devastating to your skin. Not all fluids are your skin's friend. coffee & alcohol both dehydrate your system and deplete your skin of necesary interval moisture. Excessive intake of soda can lead to weight gain, acne, and dull-looking skin. And nobody wants that..so..the best bet is to drink water, water, and more water.

2. Not Getting Enough Sleep-If there's one overall beauty sin that shows instant and awful results the next day, it's a shortage of shut-eye. If you're constantly sleep-deprived, you'll start to notice bags under your eyes as well as lines and wrinkles in your skin. Take those 6-8 hrs to recharge your mind & body, and allow your facial muscles to to relax. Treat your skin to the kind of rest it deserves, and it will reward you with vitality and beauty.

3.Sleeping With Makeup On-Everyone has done this once or twice. If it just happens once, there no major damage done. If you are a repeat OFFENDER, that will lead to clogged pores, blackheads, and dark lines under your eyes. If you are too tired to wash your face at night, there are loads of amazing makeup removal products at your disposal. Stash some makeup removal wipes, cold cream or cleansing oil and your softest washcloth by your bedside. This way, as you drift to sleep, you can be sure that your skin is clean and moisturized.

4. Popping Zits-Skin eruptions are a test of partience and intelligence. When your face shows signs of a blemish, your natural instinct is to touch, squeeze, and prod until it's gone. Extractions should never be done with dirty fingers (causes infections). If you MUST squeeze, talk to a dermatologist.

5. Using the Wrong Products-If you are using skin care products for dry skin, and you have oily or combination, you could be exacerbating an already-challenging skin situation. Also, your skin's needs change from season to season.

6. Super Hot Showering-If you're taking long, hot showers, and using harsh body soaps, you could be drying out your skin's natural oils and thereby causing your own itchiness. Taking a shorter shower with slightly cooler temps, and switching from your regular soap to a more moisturizing body wash formula will help. Don't forget to moisturize afterward, to replenish the moisture your skin has lost.

7. Overplucking and Other Hair Removal Issues-Body hair can be a prickly issue. When plucking, less is more, and thicker brows can makee your look younger. If you use depilatory products, make sure you stick to the recommended time on the bottle or your run the risk of burning the skin's outer layers. If your thing is wax, visit a professional who takes your needs into account. If you are diabetic, waxing can result in serious injury to your skin...so proceed with extreme caution!

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