Sunday, December 16, 2012

Battle of the Eyebrow pencils.....

Okay, so I have had the pleasure to try out all three of these products. I typically buy M.A.C's spiked (b/c that's what i like), but wanted to find something that was comparable and cheaper. Lets get started with the Maybelline Define-a-brow (green):
Pros: It is small, thin, and partially retractable (retractable means that it goes up and down). It runs from about $5-6 Cons: Mechanically you press so hard that you break the tip off, and when you try to twist it, the product didn't come out. The formula is not soft, and the color was too light b/c they did not have a DARK BROWN. The darkest color they have is medium brown. I know previously they had dark brown but for some reason stopped selling it. Next, Maybelline Mastershape (brown): Pros: I love the waxiness of it. It keeps my eyebrows down and out the way all day. I love the spoolie brush b/c its small and very effective. It runs about $6-7 cons: The color payoff is horrible. It takes a couple of strokes to get color. Also, you don't get a lot of product in this item. Once the product gets down to the top of the plastic, there is no more. it isn't retractable or you can turn it to get more. What i would love is if Maybelline comes out with something that's the combination of these two products, that would be great! Final Item, M.A.C's Eyebrows crayon:
I LOVE THIS PRODUCT! Not because it's M.A.C, but b/c it is pretty much a combination of the two mentioned above. Although the wax isn't as thick as the Mastershape, it's perfect! You can turn the dial to get more product and it lasts a good while. Now this product sells for $15, which is obviously more than the two above, but I don't have to worry about the product being too hard or too waxy. I guess until I find a product that is comparable to this, I will continue to buy my Spiked.

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