Sunday, December 11, 2011

Manetane Beauty

Hello Everyone,

I had the pleasure of trying out this hair food from Manetane Beauty.


  • Very light
  • Shea Butter based
  • Uses all natural ingredients
  • For Natural, or relaxed hair
This product ingredients state: all natural ingredients made with Shea butter, fresh sage, fresh rosemary, neem, argan, amla, and five additional natural oils to promote a healthy longer, silkier mane.

Okay, so I started using this hair food about January of this year (2011) and i have to say at that point my hair was still relaxed. Although it was relaxed, it made my hair shinier, and it seemed to make the relaxer last longer. I decided to go natural and since February of this year, I have not had a relaxer and I plan to continue this journey. I have noticed a couple of changes. First, my hair is a lot softer. Next, I don't have a lot of dandruff like i used to when i had a relaxer. 3. If you use this hair food as a hot oil treatment, it definitely gets rid of tangles! 4. It is NOT expensive like some other hair products.

Here is the website to order: 

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