Friday, December 16, 2011

Sigma Brushes

Hey Everyone!
For those who are just getting started with makeup, or consider themselves a pro already, here is a great website to "get your tools". You won't leave home without your I.D. or credit card, so you should NOT want to use any old type of brush on your face. Invest in some really good, inexpensive Sigma brushes and share your experience (b/c i wanna know). Below is a breakdown of some links for some really cool gift ideas, newbies to makeup or those experienced pros. I have broken them down for you in groups for BEGINNERS, GIFT IDEAS, AND "THE PROFESSIONAL". Check em out & tell me what you think!
Okay, lets get started,

Gift Ideas:


Now on to the good news :)......If you spend $30, you get a FREE GIFT! Now who don't like FREE. 
Happy Shopping and don't forget to join this page!

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